Cambodia’s way to travellers’ heart is through their stomach

Embarking on a journey to explore the culinary treasures of a country is an adventure in itself. While the well-known Asian cuisines from Japanese to Thai food have graced dining tables worldwide, there is still an undiscovered gem waiting to be savoured: Cambodian cuisine. Why Cambodian cuisine is relatively unknown is because many people do not know Cambodia, said chef … Read More

Khmer fusion cuisine at its best

Originally published in Khmer Times: Setting a new standard in the finest of the fine dining department is the Khmer-owned-and-run restaurant Roleque, which opened in November, which is unique to Siem Reap, in that it only serves eight people at a sitting and serves only one set course of seven dishes. The restaurant is the creation of chef Keam … Read More

Roleque x Isabelle Ri

Looking for an exceptional dining experience in Siem Reap town?  Whether you have an immense interest in the progressive fusion of Khmer cuisine or the art realm, we’ve got you covered. We are thrilled to present our new tasting menu under the theme “Where Art Meets Gastronomy,” created in collaboration with the talented artist Isabelle Ri x Roleque Chef’s Table.  … Read More

Roleque Featured on Asia Concierge

We are excited to announce that Roleque has been featured on the Asia Concierge website! Asia Concierge is a leading travel website that provides curated experiences and recommendations for travelers in Asia. We are honored to be featured on Asia Concierge, and we are grateful for the recognition. We are committed to providing our guests with an unforgettable dining experience, … Read More