Roleque Chef's Table

Nestled in Charles de Gaulle road, Roleque is Siem Reap’s first-of-its-kind homey chef’s table fusion fine dining that equips you with an exceptional dining experience in an exclusive environment setting. We aim to offer a meaningful and interactive dining experience through exceptional fusion cuisine in a home-like environment.

"Discover the unique and exceptional dining experience at a Roleque chef's table, where we wants to ensure that each customer will be exclusively treated as they are invited to dine in at their friend's house." - Chef Phy 

Combination and Connectivity

Roleque promises to build the dining momentum for our customers by providing exclusive and affordable chef's table fusion fine dining. We aspire to showcase the diversity and the civilization of Cambodian cuisine as well as to bring it to another level. We intend to bring alongside the unique blend of European and Asian cuisine while still maintaining the distinct taste and typical flavor of Cambodian food.

Fusion-style Cuisine

Fresh Quality Ingredients

At Roleque, we believe that a secret key behind all the delicious food is to handpick new and good quality fresh vegetables and meat. Otherwise, we always prioritize handpicking all the fresh ingredients as much as possible. Why? Because we pay the utmost attention to our value, the delicate cuisine for our customers. Simultaneously, we also commit to wholeheartedly giving our support to our respective local farmers by daily sourcing from them organic and fresh ingredients from the local market here in Cambodia.


About Our Chef Phy

Chef Phy comes from an unconventional background of bending culinary rules. Born and raised in a family of food lovers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Chef Phy was inspired by his mother’s desire to prepare the best meals for her family. He inherited a strong belief that the key to delicious food is using only the highest-quality ingredients.

Chef Phy developed his own culinary prowess while studying for a bachelor’s degree in Phuket, Thailand, serving in various hospitality businesses, from hotels, to bars, to beach clubs, to even successfully owning and operating a restaurant and bar in Phuket. This gave him the ability to craft unique menus for global audiences.

Chef Phy’s own fusion-based cuisine began to take shape as he completed his master’s in Tokyo, when he began to crave the Khmer food of his home. Facing a lack of ingredients, he had no choice but to try to substitute new ingredients in his cooking, and the result was something altogether new and even more delicious than he had imagined. Stemming from these experiences, Chef Phy proudly presents Roleque: his own twist on favorite foods from his travels, presented as if you were coming over to his house for dinner.



Monday  to Saturday
19:00 – 23:00

Kindly book with us in advance, no later than 12pm on your preferred date.

Reservation Only

Our chef presents an interactive menu consisting of local ingredients, offering 7 courses to each guest. We also offer a wine pairing set of selected wines with additional cost.

Food Allergies

Please be advised that if you have any allergies, kindly inform us in advance to ensure that our team can accommodate your dietary requirements accordingly.

Our Customer Testimonials

We had a fantastic dining experience at Roleque during our stay in Siem Reap. The 7 course set menu had great variety of ingredients, flavours and techniques, all served with well selected wine pairings. With each course, the chef provided an explanation of the dish and it’s origins. Overall highly recommended restaurant experience.Richie Lok, Cambodian Australian
Everything was so fine. Roleque was just so perfect to spend a fine dinning with love ones. I loved all food in this first collection as they came with unique styles and tastes. It was also a wonderful experience listening to the meaning of each dish. Dessert was a plus of course! I still remember how it tasted in my mouth, so unbelievable. I would definitely go for this beautiful experience again.Sina Nov, Cambodia
Roleque is the first place for me to try dinning experience. I feel like comfortable with all the staff. It's like friend cook food for us and telling us about the story. The more simple, the more connected.Chhe Dany, Cambodia
We look forward to serving you!

Phum Mondul 3, Sangkat Slor Kram, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Tel: 096 369 9669 / 017 717 044

Opening Houses

Monday – Saturday: Open
Sunday: Closed
Hours: 19:00 –  23:00